Austria Crypto Stamps


Product information
Release Date 11.06.2019
Number of Copies 150.000
Print Style Siebdruck & Offset
Design Julia Obermüller

Crypto stamp: Austrian Post presents the world's first blockchain stamp

The innovative special stamp block connects the analog and the digital world

Vienna (OTS) - From the dirndl embroidery and lederhosen stamp to special stamps made of porcelain, glass, meteorite dust or sparkling Swarovski crystals - in recent years, Austrian Post has presented a colorful range of innovative special stamps. Now, the Swiss Post is breaking new ground again, bringing out a brand that unites the analog and digital worlds: the Crypto stamp. It has its first day today and was presented to guests in the panorama room of the high-rise Herrengasse in Vienna by Stefan Nemeth, Head of Product Management at Austrian Post AG branches.

The Crypto stamp can be used as a stamp not only for the carriage of a postal item, it is also a virtual collector's item. The digital counterpart is stored in the blockchain, a special kind of decentralized data storage. There it lies in a digital "purse", a so-called wallet, which is exclusively owned by the owner.

The brand block is in the form of a bank card. The right side of the block contains all credentials hidden under scratch layers. The holder of the Wallet-related access code as well as another attached code, the "Secret Word List", thus has the digital Crypto stamp. If the digital version of the stamp is sold or transferred from one wallet to another, the transaction is fully documented in the blockchain.

The left-hand area is the actual postage stamp that can be sent regularly - this is done by breaking the block apart at the predetermined breaking point. The unicorn pictured on the crypto stamp is the heraldic animal of the Ethereum community.

The graphic design of the special stamp comes from Julia Obermüller. The brand with a face value of € 6.90 was launched 150,000 times and can be found in all branches, at the as well as the collector service of the Austrian Post (Phone: +43 577 67 - 95095; E-Mail: sammler- available.

Further information on the new digital stamp can be found at


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Using the Crypto Stamp:

Each stamp has 2 parts.

The left part, which is stylized with a unicorn associated with Ethereum,
functions as a "standard stamp" that can be used to send mail. (€6,90)
This part has a QR code of the digital asset/Token

The right part, on the other hand, contains the credentials used to
authenticate the crypto collectible (digital asset/Token) via blockchain.

This is the “digital stamp” and contains 3 codes [1], [2] & [3]

This "digital stamp" (right part) is like a vault with a inside a wallet
which contains a precious gem (= digital asset/Token).

The wallet contains the digital asset/Token CS1 (CryptoStamp 1)
and Ξ 0.001666666666666666 (= ETH or ETHEREUM, a crypto currency)
which can be use to pay for transactions/transfers.

Code [1] is, so of speak, the serial number of the gem (digital asset/Token)
= 1 of 150.000 pieces, each one has 1 (digital) colour
(Black, Green, Blue, Yellow or Red).

When seeing the physical stamp, it isn't possible to see its (digital) colour.
Black, Green, Blue, Yellow or Red, physically they all have the same appearance.

Scanning the QR code or entering the "code [1]" online at "" (> "asset")
reveals the digital colour of the digital asset/Token (Black, Green, Blue, Yellow or Red),
as well as its history! (for example which ETH address purchased it, and when)
Anyone can see what the colour is of each Token,
but only the owner can do something with the Token.

_______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________

Using the "digital asset/Token":

The 150.000 are/were sold through 1 series of 149.500 pieces and another series of 500 pieces.

Series 1:

When you have purchased 1 of the 149.500 stamps which has a “paper wallet”
you can sell this "vault" (right part, containing the wallet and gem locked inside)
together with the left part (€6,90) to anyone. Only whoever holds the key can unlock the vault,
and then sell the "gem" (digital asset/Token). The gem goes then from the wallet to another one’s wallet.
Everything is recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The key to open the vault is scratching the scratch fields.

The code hidden under scratch field [2] is the (address of the) wallet.

The code hidden under scratch field [3] is the key to open and use the wallet

which makes it possible to sell and/or transfer the digital asset/Token.

Then you’ll have
1 scratched physical stamp and
1 saleable/transferable digital asset/Token

Series 2:

When you have purchased 1 of the 500 stamps
the "gem" (digital asset/Token) isn’t in its originally assigned "vault",

the Token is already out of its ("first") wallet
and is put digitally into the new owner’s wallet.
The "digital asset/Token" can already be sold separately.

Furthermore, the key to unlock the "vault" is unused as
the digital asset/Token wasn't in the 1st wallet to begin with.

The "vault" is kept closed because the keys (under the scratch fields) have
no use anymore, therefore the scratch fields on the physical stamp remain intact!

In this case you’ll have
1 unscratched physical stamp and
1 saleable/transferable digital asset/Token

which both can be sold separately.

Courtesy of fikira12