Private Issue Crypto Stamps




         Then on July 28th 2017, custom postal stamp printed on an envelope, postage used loaded with 0.005BTC and of course now it also 0.005BTCcash since it was loaded prior to the fork on Aug 1st.  

         A copy of the stamps Private/Public keys and password are sealed inside the envelope. Stamp displays both a public and private BIP32 encrypted address on the stamp itself. Loaded with Bitcoin and mailed with the wallet loaded.

         A Philatelist and Bitcoin enthusiast collector first. Making it the very first Physical Bitcoin Stamp created and to ever be used thru the postage system. It also marks the very first crypto Stamp ever made as well.

           When you compare it to the Gibraltar and Austria Crypto stamps, this stamp has both the Public and Private keys on the stamp itself.

             The Gibraltar stamp is on the selvage not on the stamp itself.

             While the Austria stamp has a public QR code on the stamp, the private ley is on a piece that detaches from the stamp and in itself is not the stamp. In other words, it can be detached and the stamp can mail an envelope without it.

                The stamp on the envelope below is all self contained and can be easily redeemed once the password is known with out depending on a website (like the Gibraltar stamp) and without needing the second piece of the stamp(Austria stamp)